Free 4G Internet Connectivity for 90 Days

15 Jun
AIRX 4G Internet Promo

Free 4G Internet Connectivity for 90 Days

London 15th June 2020 – Neeco and AIRX Technologies are working together to provide connectivity for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have recently started offering 90 days of free 4G internet connectivity for clients waiting for their fixed-line connections to be installed. We are hoping to help businesses who are facing challenges delivering their projects due to the effects of the pandemic. The near-immediate implementation of mobile 4G connectivity will be a huge benefit for many businesses who would otherwise face potentially lengthy downtimes and be hindered by their lack of reliable connectivity.

“We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to reach out and help companies who are struggling due to the current situation. Our partnership with AIRX allows us to combine our diverse range of ICT services with their mobile connectivity, thereby bringing clients fully-integrated solutions to keep their businesses connected and operating at full capacity,” explains

David Patek, CEO and founder of Neeco.

“We have developed a seamless process to help companies source what they need, where they need it and when they need it, which delivers every necessary network component for our customers, eliminating the hassle of complex multi-vendor/multi-carrier relationships, allowing them to manage their end customers’ networks more efficiently.” says

AIRX’s Founder and Managing Director, Piyush Srivastava.

Neeco invested into AIRX in 2018, a strategic move that resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership. While Neeco brings years of expertise as a leading provider of complex global ICT services, AIRX is a niche global network integrator specialised in providing connectivity solutions worldwide. Together, we operate in more than 180 countries.

Neeco’s comprehensive managed ICT solutions are complimented by AIRX’s global connectivity. Typically, organisations would have to deal with several different service providers for their Network & ICT needs. However, Neeco and AIRX offer all of the necessary services as part of a single integrated solution. Our combined services cover everything from global network connectivity, M2M/IoT connectivity, SD-WAN distribution, to procurement and distribution of telecommunications and IT equipment, on-site installation services, all the way to long-term maintenance and support.

Neeco is headquartered in Prague and AIRX is based in the UK. AIRX is a part of the Neeco Group, a globally operating Czech private equity group, focused on investment and strategic consulting for companies with the potential to push boundaries and disrupt their respective fields.

About Neeco

Neeco is a global ICT services provider operating in over 160 countries worldwide. Founded in 2009 by CEO David Patek, the company specialises in providing clients with the support they need for their businesses, from consulting, to technical and support services, all the way to fully managed services. Its clients include global telecommunications companies such as TATA Communications, Vodafone, NTT, and other multinationals.
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About AIRX

AIRX is a global network integrator headquartered in London, offering network connectivity solutions in more than 180 countries. Established in 2017 to address the growing global demand for network connectivity to support Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, AIRX is founded on strong industry knowledge, an excellent understanding of local markets around the world, and expertise in procurement life cycles.

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