Neeco acquires AirX Technologies

18 May

Neeco acquires AirX Technologies

Neeco announces strategic acquisition of UK-based company AirX Technologies, an Internet connectivity solutions specialist.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – Friday, 18 May 2018, Neeco Group, Leading Global ICT Service provider announced today acquisition of and investment in UK-based company AirX Technologies, a provider of global-enterprise-grade Internet Connectivity over Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Broadband, 3G/ 4G LTE mobility technologies and IoT Connectivity for Enterprises. This strategic step further expands Neeco’s Internet connectivity solutions portfolio and its coverage, and enhances monitoring and service management capabilities.

With the acquisition of AirX, Neeco is gaining access to a large number of local and regional fixed line and mobile networks to complement its own existing local partner network agreements. AirX currently operates across Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa, LATAM, and is now expanding its reach to the Asia Pacific region, with a total number of 180+ covered countries.

“The constant expansion of Internet connectivity platforms is the highest priority for our Connectivity and Mobility Solutions Division, as it presents a foundation to accelerate the innovation of existing products, such as backup and temporary connectivity solutions, or IoT and M2M products, and also development of new products and services based on fixed line or mobile connectivity solutions we plan to launch this year. We believe that with AirX, the dedicated Internet Access, Broadband and Mobile 3G/4G connectivity offered by Neeco as a part of managed ICT solutions will be taken to the next level in terms of delivery timelines, regional coverage, and cost effectiveness.”, says David Patek, the Neeco Group CEO.

Piyush Srivastava, Founder of AirX Technologies Limited said, “Neeco’s global presence and being a leader of ICT services is a major advantage to AirX. This strategic partnership will empower AirX Technologies to pursue major opportunities together with Neeco and serve our customers and partners in a very cost effective and efficient manner.”

Neeco and AirX teams will be working closely together on building a fully managed global Internet connectivity platform, focusing on coverage and operational aspects of multi-national fixed line and wireless connectivity solutions, including public and metropolitan wireless projects. AirX and Neeco plan a series of joint meetings and workshops, and will be attending conferences together with the aim of implementing our newly-formed strategic approach.

About Neeco

Neeco is a professional organization with headquarters in Europe and operations in more than 160 world countries. We provide our clients with complex services and solutions, including on-site services, hardware distribution, post-implementation support, flexible financing and ownership options, and premium value-added services. These activities are bound together through unique central management and coordination, so we can act as a single point of contact for our clients, simplifying processes and communication through the introduction of a dedicated project management team, a single support center, a single contact for invoicing, clearly outlined escalation procedures, and global coverage. To learn more about our products & services visit or email us at [email protected] .

About AirX Technologies Limited

AirX Technologies is a Global System Integrator offering Internet Connectivity, IoT Connectivity, and Managed Service to Telecommunications & Enterprise customers. AirX is a UK-based company aimed at offering professional and innovative connectivity solutions across the globe. We provide a robust and reliable service, including Carrier Grade Dedicated Internet Access, Broadband, M2M IoT Connectivity, and Managed Service. To learn more about AirX products & services visit or email us at [email protected].