IoT Connectivity

Selecting the right network, service and tariff should all be determined on the applications’ communication and connectivity needed. Choosing the appropriate network will depend on a number of factors – from location to data usage and pricing, whether the device is static, mobile, national or international. And consideration should be made to the importance of ‘always on’ which can be critical for applications such as lone workers.

AIRX utilise APIs/tools to ensure the ‘best fit’ network for the application. In country-wide roll outs, deployments will use a number of networks within their SIM estate. Importantly, each network will sit comfortably within our platform, where complete visibility, monitoring and control can be managed for the entire SIM portfolio, across multiple networks and in multiple countries.

Key Benefits

Our global connectivity solution enables the SIM to connect anywhere in the world on 2G/3G/4G with access to our partners network. We are capable in providing connectivity almost EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET

With our simple tariff plan, we provide Pay as you Go model. You will be charged for the used data.

We offer simple tariff rate card, price per country, per Mb or per Gb.

We can provide Dynamic or Static Public IP based on demand.

We offer full control, management & monetization capabilities to our customer through our management portal.

For most people, IoT Connectivity will:

  • Provide a quick solution for your enterprise backup network or for temporary use.
  • Provide connectivity on your demand.
  • Provide one stop shop for your need,

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